Saturday, March 10, 2012

Voice Navigation Application

VOICE NAVIGATION with Nearest  Restaurant , Petrol pump, Hotel .. etc(based on current location)
I am planning to sale this project anybody want contact me :
*When you are moving on the track it will come voice alert (ex: turn left after 1 km pass taj hotel).
Below screen shot of project.
 Screen 1 : Enter valid your travel location            Screen 2: loading..

screen 3: locating your current location with that bus marker

screen 4: your s and d your travel path , bus marker is your current location , block marker is nearest petrol pump, restaurant.

screen 5 and 6: onclick block marker is's displaying what is there that position.

Estimate time and  Remaining distance of (your ramaning travel distance and estimate time)

When you are on the track it will alert voice navigation (ex: next you have turn left pass Taj hotel)

cool  and thanks..


  1. i want to make android application which hide photo and video of gallery. please suggest me.....
    I am new in android development....

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  3. please can you send this project to me?
    I'm study this app now
    thanks you very much

  4. Your work are awesome....

    Can You please send me this code i need to implement root finder near area of current location. and how to make path form current to destination location in android. email id:

  5. Sir Very Nice ....

    1. je veux telecharger le code soucre de Voix de navigation d'application svp

  6. I am a student and I need the source code for an android application geolocation maps pharmacies single android, I wait for your reply I need your help. And the source code of the application "VOICE NAVIGATION with Nearest Restaurant, Petrol pump, etc. .. Hotel (based on current location)
    I am Planning to sale this project anybody want contact me:
    * When you are moving on the track it will come voice alert (ex: Effective 1 km turn left pass taj hotel).
    Below screen shot of project. "

    1. kortli jalel
      I need the code source of this project, I need you help

  7. are doing very awesome work.I am now student.And I am created one project and if you help me then I will insert this code in my project.It's very beneficial for me.Please help me and send me this code as early as poosible.
    And thanks in advance.

  8. cant i hav this sourse code plz


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