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Get Started with Android Wear First Application

This post about how to Create android application for Android wear.

First download the  following  API from Android Android SDK Manager

Step 2
Then Goto Android SDK Folder ->  extras ->google ->m2repository -> com ->google -> android ->wearable1.0.0 -->  wearable-1.0.0.arr

Step 3
Copy the wearable-1.0.0.arr to some other folder or new folder .Rename the file wearable-1.0.0.arr to and Unzip the file.
Step 4

Import that library to your eclipse

Step 5

Create First Android Wear Application. Minimum api level 20 (Android kitkat wear) .

Refer the wearable library to your project.

Step 6

Create  android wear virtual device .

Run the application and see the output in virtual device.

Check out this may be help you

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